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Get creative with Adell Bridges' amazing weekend workshop! Rediscover your body and renew your asana practice!

About Adell


Fri 11/9/2020

7pm-9pm   Creative Vinyasa Masterclass

Sat 12/9/2020

9.30-12.00     Look no hands!

This workshop incorporates a fun and flowing vinyasa sequence which will take you through familiar postures but in an unfamiliar way, followed by space and time to further explore this way of moving on the yoga mat. Get ready to explore the difference that you feel when you move into and out of postures without using your hands to get you there! It may challenge you, but not in the way you think -- it's about understanding ourselves a little deeper and sometimes that means our egos take a bruising. So that's why we'll laugh and just have fun with it as we move through these variations that will get the whole body moving, opening, and feeling great!

14.00-16.30   What happens in between: the power of transitions

The physical practice of yoga helps us get to know ourselves better through what our individual bodies tell us as we move. The transformative power of yoga begins with this ability to listen, and that is what we will do in this workshop. By breaking down common yoga transitions and postures, we will explore the beauty of each person's uniqueness, helping you grow your practice faster. By moving intelligently on our mats, we build the strength and flexibility that is the necessary foundation for a strong yoga practice.

Sun 13/9/2020

9.30-12.00     Off the wall handstands

Using the wall for inversions is a wonderful way to increase strength and learn techniques for your inversions, but sometimes we get stuck there! In this workshop we will look specifically at how to face your fears and improve your technique for becoming independent in your inversions and not rely on the wall. By delving into the reasons we become dependent on the wall, we will establish a foundation of physical balance and inner trust in ourselves to take our inversions to the middle of the room!

14.00-16.30   Holla Hollowback

The hollowback shape is a variation of heart opening postures that can open up spaces in the body neglected by many traditional backbends. In this workshop we will unlock the upper back, chest, and shoulders and move through the many variations of a hollowback. With many examples and tips for adding these into your practice, you may begin to see ALL of your backbends transform!


Fri only € 35

Sat or Sun only € 89

Full weekend € 199

Limited spaces available! 

Cancellation policy

You can cancel your booking at any time and notification must be given to Atelier Du Mon in writing by sending an email to
Cancellation fees (regardless of reason for cancellation): 

  • Notification received more than 2 months before the start of the booking: 30% of the full fee + €5 administration fee

  • Notification received less than 30 days before the start of the booking: 100% of the full fee. 


We recommend you to get coverage through travel insurance for these unforeseen circumstances. 

Atelier Du Mon reserves the right to cancel the retreat/intensive/masterclass if fewer than 8 participants have signed up by 40 days before the event date. In such circumstances, the participants will be informed promptly and registration fees will be fully reimbursed. Any travel costs will not be reimbursed.

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