Atelier Du Mon is a multidisciplinary, holistic health centre offering sustainable therapeutic modalities.


Central to our vision is the open communication between therapists and their shared clients so that the client can receive the best care possible. Outside of our own team and when necessary, we will work with general practitioners (huisartsen) and other classically trained specialists.


We firmly stand for the view that the body-mind complex is more than the sum of its parts. We adopt an encompassing and individual approach that is evidence-, experience-, and intuition-based.


Health care can only be successful in establishing sustainable relationships between clients and therapists, as well as between our team. It is vital that we create a stable and safe environment for our clients and ourselves that invites mental and physical freedom.




Therapies we offer:

- osteopathy

- orthomolecular therapy

- massage therapy: shiatsu & reiki, Ayurvedic massage, pregnancy massage

- somatic psychotherapy (lichaamsgerichte psychotherapie)

- mind-body coaching 

- energetic bodywork 

- yin yoga therapy