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ADM Creative Vinyasa Teacher Training 2021-2022
Fulfil your dream of becoming a yoga teacher! This training offers you all the tools you need to become a successful, creative and embodied yoga teacher.

With over 8 years of experience as a yoga teacher, her background as an osteopath and having trained about 100 yoga teachers, Denies (with the help of guest teachers) is offering this teacher training for everyone who:

- wants to build a steady practice and understand the background on yoga and the body

- is an aspiring yoga teacher

- is an existing yoga teacher, wanting to improve their teaching skills


This is a modular teacher training. Completing all modules will award you a teaching certificate. Completing separate modules will award you completion certificates of those modules. The teacher training can thus be taken over 1 (all modules in one year) and maximum 3 years. 


Study Programme

Module A) Asana & Class Strategies:

- the different kinds of asana (groups)

- hands-on and verbal assists and adjustments

- principles for (creative) sequencing

- class management & teaching skills

- basic Sanskrit

- pregnancy in yoga

- using your voice in front of a group

Module B) Biomechanics & Energetics:

- yoga-applied biomechanics and anatomy. You will understand how bodies universally move and what are compensation patterns in yoga. 

- the organ system

- the breath in yoga & in daily life

- the nervous system in yoga & in daily life

- energetic anatomy: yin & yang, meridians, the elements in Eastern Medicine, chakras

Module C) Philosophy:

- introduction into the main works in yoga: Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita

- modern day approaches to meditation, yoga philosophy

- explorations of yoga in daily life

- mantra

- meditation


Module A - Denies Du Mon, Nanna Hofman Soerensen, Kim De Becker & guest teachers

Module B - Denies Du Mon, Nanna Hofman Soerensen & Charlotte Bulteel

Module C - Denies Du Mon, Niels Piette & Guest Teachers


ADM offers this modular teacher training over 11 weekends. The weekends will never take place during school holidays, and will always be at least 3 weeks apart, so that you will always have enough time to reflect, prepare, live your life.  


In total, this gives you about 160 contact hours next to roughly 100 hours of (journaled) practice and training hours. For the modules, the following applies. 
















25/6 13-15 Q&A + RECAP



Standard Weekend programme


8.00-10.00      Masterclass                                                    

10.00-10.45     Break                                       

10.45-13.45       Module A: Asana & Sequencing                     

13.45-14.30       Break                                       

14.30- 17.30      Module B: Biomechanics & Energetics          



8.00-10.00      Masterclass                                                    

10.00-10.45     Break                                       

10.45-13.45       Module A: Adjustment & Teaching Skills 

13.45-14.30       Break                                       

14.30- 17.30      Module C: Philosophy 



How to register?

- send an email with a motivational letter (max 1 A4) to

- add all your contact details (full name, email address, phone number)

- add a photo

- some explanation on your yoga path 


  • Full Teacher Training (Module A + B + C)                                        € 2 700 incl VAT**    EARLY BIRD €2 500 before 20/7

  • Module A (Masterclasses + Asana)                                                    € 1 800 incl VAT

  • Module B (Anatomy, Biomechanics, Energetics)                              € 1 000 incl VAT

  • Module C (Philosophy)                                                                       € 800 incl VAT

  • Module A + B                                                                                       € 2 200 incl VAT

  • Module A + C                                                                                       € 2 000 incl VAT

  • Module B + C                                                                                       € 1 500 incl VAT

**Pricing for students registered for the Full TT includes an unlimited membership to all ADM classes from 25 September 2021 until 15 June 2022.

Payment in instalments is possible. Contact us for this.

Info & registration:

Next info night: June 21st, Atelier Du Mon, 8pm.