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Denies Du Mon

Denies always been enchanted by movement, as evident from her physical background: former gymnast turned yogi and rock climber. ​ Denies started the first part of her career in languages and linguistics (English and German, UA). She pursued an academic career in the English language, until she decided two years into her PhD that enough was enough and that it was time to pursue her other passion: yoga & body movement. She completed several teacher trainings over the years in Vinyasa, Prana flow and Ashtanga Yoga, next to a number of immersions and workshops. In 2015, she started the second part of her academic studying career as a student of osteopathic medicine at the International Academy of Osteopathy in Ghent, BE. After years of study and co-organising and co-teaching numerous Vinyasa teacher trainings and workshops, she has now decided to start on her own, offering yoga classes, workshops and biomechanics lectures next to her very own Creative Vinyasa Teacher Training. Her classes are known to be fun, innovative, creative and safe. It is always her goal to make yoga accessible to all, whilst still shifting boundaries in an aware way. Together with her husband, she organizes yoga weekend retreats that boast scrumptious vegetarian and vegan food, yoga, and stunning views.

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Laurenz Verkruysse

As an adolescent, Laurenz was fascinated by movement and dance. He danced at a high level in various groups, companies,... His studies in psychology brought him to Antwerp where he first encountered yoga. For an hour he had to stare into a candle. His yoga story came to an abrupt end. It was a year later that he accidentally stumbled into a vinyasa yoga class and fell in love.  ​ Laurenz delved into the world of yoga and came into contact with great, inspiring teachers such as Teune Van Der Wildt, Els Crauwels, Joe Barnett, Nana Hofman and of course our founder, Denies Du Mon.  ​ Besides many hours on the mat, Laurenz also followed several yoga teacher trainings and immersions. Among others kids- & family yoga, yin yoga, vinyasa yoga,... With different teachers around the world.  ​ His teaching style can be described as an inward journey. A journey to your own creativity and to that beautiful body of yours. He wants to give everyone a welcome feeling of coming home on the mat and in the studio. Besides being a permanent member of the teacher team, Laurenz is also the right hand of Denies and Nathan and we are proud to call him our studio manager. 


Tine Sneyers

Tine is our wonderful yin yoga teacher. As the founder of Shin yoga 'n coach, her goal is to make people shine, from the inside out and out. Tine enjoys guiding people in their quest for personal growth.  ​ Tine uses principles from Eastern medicine to show the connections between our thoughts and emotions on the one hand and our physical sensations and/or complaints on the other hand. In this way she reconnects you with yourself and you learn to speak the language of your body again.  ​ Follow her @shine_yoga_coach

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Ursula Pauwels

Her past as a dancer shaped Ursula into the yoga teacher she is today. She has a passion for food, movement & physics. How the body functions is so fascinating and she just can't stop talking about it. Ursula wants to guide you to a healthier, more dynamic and flexible version of yourself. Ursula is an orthomolecular therapist and is currently training to become a KPNI-therapist (klinisch psycho neuro-immunologie). ​ Follow her @ursulapauwels

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