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Denies Du Mon

Denies always been enchanted by movement, as evident from her physical background: former gymnast turned yogi and rock climber. ​ Denies started the first part of her career in languages and linguistics (English and German, UA). She pursued an academic career in the English language, until she decided two years into her PhD that enough was enough and that it was time to pursue her other passion: yoga & body movement. She completed several teacher trainings over the years in Vinyasa, Prana flow and Ashtanga Yoga, next to a number of immersions and workshops. In 2015, she started the second part of her academic studying career as a student of osteopathic medicine at the International Academy of Osteopathy in Ghent, BE. After years of study and co-organising and co-teaching numerous Vinyasa teacher trainings and workshops, she has now decided to start on her own, offering yoga classes, workshops and biomechanics lectures next to her very own Creative Vinyasa Teacher Training. Her classes are known to be fun, innovative, creative and safe. It is always her goal to make yoga accessible to all, whilst still shifting boundaries in an aware way. Together with her husband, she organizes yoga weekend retreats that boast scrumptious vegetarian and vegan food, yoga, and stunning views.

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Nathan Sculpen

Nathan is a total movement addict. There is no mountain too high for him to climb, no trail too long for him to run and no space too small for him to practice yoga.  ​ Together with his wife, Denies, he is the founder of Atelier Du Mon. You will see him around, most likely either in a yoga class or sipping a delicious coffee, and managing the all-around workings of ADM. 

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Kim De Becker

Kim is a dynamic yoga teacher, blending her background in contemporary dance with her love for movement to create creative yoga classes that are both fluid and energetic. Her passion for yoga led her to become a certified teacher in vinyasa, yin, and pregnancy yoga, allowing her to share her passion with students of all levels and abilities. ​ Kim's classes are known for their flowy, high-vibe energy and no-nonsense approach to yoga. She believes that yoga is for everyone and strives to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all her students. Her classes are designed to challenge and uplift, leaving students feeling empowered and energized. ​ Next to teaching weekly yoga classes, she loves organizing and leading transformative yoga retreats, where participants can disconnect from their daily routines and connect with their bodies, minds, and spirits in beautiful and inspiring locations. ​ In her day-to-day job, Kim brings her expertise in event planning and management to help attract congresses & events Antwerp & Partners Convention Bureau. She is also a board member for the charity Shangrila Home Nepal, committed to give back and supporting vulnerable children. ​ On vacation, Kim loves scuba diving. She believes that the underwater environment in combination with breathing exercises allows for a unique and meditative experience. ​ Follow her on @kimdebecker


Laurenz Verkruysse

As an adolescent, Laurenz was fascinated by movement and dance. He danced at a high level in various groups, companies,... His studies in psychology brought him to Antwerp where he first encountered yoga. For an hour he had to stare into a candle. His yoga story came to an abrupt end. It was a year later that he accidentally stumbled into a vinyasa yoga class and fell in love.  ​ Laurenz delved into the world of yoga and came into contact with great, inspiring teachers such as Teune Van Der Wildt, Els Crauwels, Joe Barnett, Nana Hofman and of course our founder, Denies Du Mon.  ​ Besides many hours on the mat, Laurenz also followed several yoga teacher trainings and immersions. Among others kids- & family yoga, yin yoga, vinyasa yoga,... With different teachers around the world.  ​ His teaching style can be described as an inward journey. A journey to your own creativity and to that beautiful body of yours. He wants to give everyone a welcome feeling of coming home on the mat and in the studio. Besides being a permanent member of the teacher team, Laurenz is also the right hand of Denies and Nathan and we are proud to call him our studio manager. 


Tine Sneyers

Tine is our wonderful yin yoga teacher. As the founder of Shin yoga 'n coach, her goal is to make people shine, from the inside out and out. Tine enjoys guiding people in their quest for personal growth.  ​ Tine uses principles from Eastern medicine to show the connections between our thoughts and emotions on the one hand and our physical sensations and/or complaints on the other hand. In this way she reconnects you with yourself and you learn to speak the language of your body again.  ​ Follow her @shine_yoga_coach

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Yin Yoga

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Matthias Lauwers

Matthias’ approach to teaching is strongly influenced by his initial training as a classical dancer in that he strives to smooth and seamless transitions in his sequences. Both mindfulness and Traditional Chinese Medicine, have encouraged him to teach yoga as a tool to better connect with the natural cycles like the moon and the seasons.  An avid reader, he loves poetry, imagery and frequently weaves his love for words throughout his teachings.  Influenced by teachers like Wesley Ann Bassett, Kristen Macpherson, Elena Brower and Amy Pearce Hayden, he studied various styles of yoga: hatha, vinyasa, yin and restorative. More than anything, he strives to practice and teach on the mat that which balances our lives off the mat. ​ Follow him @matthias_lauwers_yoga


Alice Van Heuven

Alice is a certified yoga & fitness instructor on a mission to help people find joy in their movement practices. With a background in singing, acting, songwriting and hosting, Alice believes that story-telling, movement and teaching is a common thread in all she does. ​ Just like a good movie or a great song, a good class also comes with a beginning, middle and end. It’s a journey with an exciting peak and of course - just the right soundtrack. ​ Follow her @thealiceavery


Sepp Breesch

Sepp is our acrobatic, handstand-loving Rocket Yoga teacher. For a long time, Sepp owned a climbing studio and climbing was his life. The passion for climbing never disappeared, the passion for yoga joined it. Several years later, Sepp has now taken quite a few immersions & teacher trainings with Carson Calhoun, David Kyle and our own Denies Du mon. ​ His classes are usually pretty strong with the emphasis on the physical aspect (yes, arm balances and inversions), but he also loves to guide his students through a slower class with more focus on breathing, moving and stretching. ​ Join Sepp for a fun and playfull all levels Rocket, Vinyasa, Slow Flow or Yin Yoga class in which options for everyone and every body are suggested and welcomed. ​ Push your own limits, explore your edge, and welcome everything!  ​ Follow him @_sundustacademy_

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Ursula Pauwels

Her past as a dancer shaped Ursula into the yoga teacher she is today. She has a passion for food, movement & physics. How the body functions is so fascinating and she just can't stop talking about it. Ursula wants to guide you to a healthier, more dynamic and flexible version of yourself. Ursula is an orthomolecular therapist and is currently training to become a KPNI-therapist (klinisch psycho neuro-immunologie). ​ Follow her @ursulapauwels


Wesley Basset

Wesley was born in NYC and moved to Vermont at the age of seven. She attended Rollins College, a liberal arts school in Winter Park, Florida, graduating with a degree in Sociology and Anthropology. In 1992 she moved back to New York City where she worked for the Walt Disney Company as Marketing Associate for the book publishing division Hyperion. Five years later she met her husband and moved to Antwerp. ​ Through practicing different forms of yoga, Wesley began to understand how yoga opens one up allowing for emotional catharsis. Directly the following year she returned to Santa Fe to deepen her study with Tias and Surya Little of Prajna Yoga, two eminent teachers with a long history in Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga, now deeply steeped in the teachings of the Buddha and creators of a Sangha that have taught so many that we are all interwoven, that through our bodies and minds we together create the fabric of life. ​ Wesley is a Vinyasa and Yin yoga teacher that loves to make people feel good about themselves. Making people feel better after a class creates a ripple effect, making this world a better place. Her mission is to guide people back home to their bodies, to see how people evolve within themselves and relate to their situation, to see it more deeply. ​ If we keep practicing we gain insight into a deeper meaning of happiness. Through pure power of movement with breath and opening the senses to heal the body.We learn to connect better, not only with ourselves but also more non-defensively to others and life’s conditions. She invites you to join her on this way toward healing and awakening. She will share with you what she has learned so far …. ​ Follow her @wesleyyoga

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Eva Arsovska

Eva Arsovska Yoga Teacher, Student of Somatic Education Eva was first introduced to Hatha yoga back in 2010 in a small yoga studio in her hometown Skopje. In 2012 she moved to Malta, where she kept exploring different styles of yoga and practicing daily, bringing a whole new awareness into her life. ​ With her move to Belgium in 2017, she was lucky to find a wonderful yoga community that led her to pursue her dream and finish a 200hr YTT with Atelier Du Mon. She continues to learn and develop through her daily practices, workshops and studies. Eva is passionate about somatic practices too: she is currently studying the Feldenkrais Method and believes that our bodies have the ability to transform, not just physically in being able to do different postures but also on a somatic level, to release non-useful conditionings and habits. Working with the softness of the subtle, inner movement of the body is becoming her strength. Eva`s classes are invitations to start a dialogue between subtle parts of the body and the felt sense. ​ Follow her @theartofsoma

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Nele Van Poucke

Full of power: that's Nele. ​ As a yoga teacher, she has the unique talent to sense perfectly what her students need. One day she takes you on a quiet and meditative flow, the next day she challenges you to playfully explore your limits and respect them. When she feels that the class can handle it, she twists her body into challenging poses: an invitation to try and play as well, because inspiring is her life mission. ​ Her style? Prana Vinyasa. Nele learned the tricks of the trade from none other than Shiva Rea, whom she regularly assists since 2010 in India, Mexico, Santorini, Los Angeles and London. Today she looks back on more than 17 years of experience. Nele was even one of Denies' teachers at her teacher training! ​ Follow her @schoolofvinyasa

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