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Changes to Pricing in 2023

Prices will be going up January 1st.


This is due to:

  • Energy prices

  • Wanting to pay our team members a fair wage

  • More classes on our schedule

Pricing will now be:

  • Drop in - €19

  • Try Out - €39

  • Yoga Card - €165

  • 3 months - €275

  • Year -€900 (unchanged)

To compensate for the financial changes, there will be:

  • Donation-based vipassana meditation class on Thursdays (12.30-13.30)

  • Donation-based vinyasa classes on Friday evenings starting February

  • Community classes: prices remain; 2 people for 17 euro (1h class) or 25 euro (more than 1h)

We appreciate your understanding.


Team ADM

P.S. We have an End of Year Offer valid now through December 31st! Purchase now to lock in a discount on 2022 pricing for a double savings.

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