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Osteopathy Update

We have exciting news regarding our osteopathy offer! Denies has teamed up with the multidisciplinary team of In Utero to offer her gynecological and pediatric osteopathic treatments.


What is In Utero?

In Utero is a multidisciplinary practice with two gynecologists/obstetricians (Drs De Souter & Werquin), 2 pediatricians (Drs Ysebaert & Van der Aa), a team of lovely, caring midwives, psychologists, and other therapists. It is an all-woman team focused on helping other women, and their babies get the best healthcare there is holistically. At In Utero, it is believed health is best achieved and maintained when all facets of the human condition are addressed and cared for. It is In Utero's aim to offer specialist services in all serenity, giving you the time you need to unravel the complexities of your pregnancy (wish), complaints, and pains.

How does this change Osteopathy at ADM?

You will find Denies exclusively over at In Utero (Hessenstraatje, 2000 Antwerpen) from March until the end of April. She will continue her osteopathic practice there and at Atelier Du Mon after returning from maternity leave.

Denies's Services

  • General osteopathy for musculoskeletal complaints such as back pain, joint pain, headache, digestion, etc

  • Gynecological osteopathy for gynecological complaints such as urinary discomforts, dysmenorrhea (pijnlijke maandstonden), vaginismus, pain during sex, endometriosis, prolapse, ...

  • Pediatric osteopathy for newborns & toddlers: digestive issues, traumatic birth, preferential lie (voorkeurshouding), etc

  • Post-partum care package for moms (see info through link)

It would be amazing to see you over there!

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