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Styles of Yoga

Styles of yoga

Mindful Movement: This class will take you through the basics of a Yoga-practice. Expect to be guided through breath-practices, sun-salutations as well as stretching and mindfulness. The pace is calmer than other styles and suitable for both beginners as well as more experienced practitioners wanting to slow things down a bit. If you're looking to understand more about how to actually do the sun-salutation, breathe deeply and engage your core in a correct way, this is the class for you!

Vinyasa: Vinyasa means "placing in a special way" and some teachers also refer to it as linking breath with movement. Expect this class to go through the basics of a physical Yoga-practice with sun-salutations and several variations of both standing and seated postures, so everyone - no matter their level - can follow along. This practice is a good "in between"-practice if you're looking to move your body as well as have space for some stretches and deep breaths. 

Yin: Calm, long-held postures to stretch and release tension in body and mind. The practice of Yin-yoga is the balance to all the Yang-energy we experience in life. Not just on our jobs but also in traffic, social media - and even in many other movement-forms. Yin might be calming for the nervous system but it is still not an easy practice. Practicing calmness and stillness in an active world might be the hardest thing of them all, so we are doing our best to give you space where you don't need to do - to be. The less productivity the better in this class, so most people will find this class more challenging mentally than physically.​

Creative Vinyasa: Creative, dynamic yoga, always different. This is a class that redefines physical yoga-movement in a new, fresh way. Open to beginners as well as more advanced practitioners. Get to know the teacher that fits your style and your level and expect to be surprised by new ways of entering and exiting postures compared to your regular Vinyasa practice. You do not need to be very experienced to try out this class - as long as you arrive with an open mind and willingness to explore you will be more than fine. This class is another great reminder that it's not about how the postures look but how we feel whilst doing them. We can't wait to get creative with you!​


Rocket Vinyasa: The motto from Larry Schultz, founder of the Rocket Vinyasa series, is 'you are stronger than you think' - and why the name 'Rocket' ? 'Because you get to experience it faster’.  These are active, dynamic and energetic classes with enough workshop-time to explore the many poses. The practice is suitable for anybody who's willing to play, sweat and be curious. Options are always given to accommodate everybody to their own level and everyone has the chance of walking away with a feeling of success. It's the perfect place for playing around with inversions, handstands and armbalances, so if you dream of incorporating more play into your life, this is the class for you!

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