We offer a wide variety of yoga classes with up to 20 classes per week during the summer and about 30 classes per week as of September.

Find our schedule on our website (www.atelierdumon.com). Daily updates with respect to the schedule via instagram @atelier_du_mon. Make sure to turn on notifications to learn about updates first hand.

Styles of yoga

vinyasa yoga: creative, dynamic yoga, always different. This is a class that redefines yoga movement in a new, fresh way. Open to beginners and more advanced yogis. Get to know the teacher that fits your style and your level.

calm flow: easy-going dynamic yoga for beginners, people who want to take it easier today or those who are slightly injured. You can always do yoga, but you should never fight yourself. 


yin yoga: calm, long-held postures to stretch and release tension in body and mind.

prenatal yoga: pregnancy yoga, recommended for pregnant ladies as of 12 weeks. Let the teacher know about any discomforts you may experience.

ashtanga yoga: this is an intense same-sequence dynamic style of yoga that becomes a moving meditation once the sequence becomes known. 

rocket yoga: inversion-heavy, ashtanga inspired, play and fun time!

vinyasa Re3 with Nanna is one of the following depending on class attendance

  • RE-booty: A class honoring the divine feminine. In general women have lost touch with their bodies, and think that they all need to look the same to feel like they belong next to their sisters. This class is about re-building that relationship to our bodies by shaking the hips, feeling the breath and body under our hands. Whenever we're scared or taught to stay small, we tuck the tailbone and let our shoulders sink forwards - this practice is there to invite to the exact opposite in a safe space. 

  • RE-boost: This class is there to invite in some jumping, stomping the floor and breathing loudly. It's all about playing and setting ourselves free. It's there to hold space for anyone needing a boost - whether it's for the mood, the muscles or the mind. This practice will challenge all three in a progressive build up and leave students feeling uplifted and energized.

  • RE-store: The calmer of the three. With a physical focused based in Yoga-asana, PNF-stretching and prehab-exercises it really allows the students to feel their bodies in a new way. The bigger mission of this practice is to create space: physically, but also in breath and in mind. It invites a more gentle approach based upon the view that "who you are to yourself on the mat, is who you are to yourself in life". There is space for "failure", for trying something new, for doing less than expected etc.