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Explore our comprehensive range of 300-hour advanced yoga teacher training modules designed to guide you towards obtaining your 300-hour certification, recognized by Yoga Alliance.



23-25 AUGUST | 25h (YA) | EB: €349 R: €425

Are you tired of spending hours piecing together a new, original yoga lesson, only to find yourself reaching back to a flow from a year ago? Do you stick rigidly to your plan during class, fearing the unknown territory of improvisation? Imagine a method that allows you to swiftly craft well-structured lessons scalable to all levels, freeing you to fully immerse yourself in the present moment, delivering an unforgettable experience to your students. Introducing our comprehensive training program designed specifically for curious Vinyasa yoga teachers craving to elevate their practice beyond the confines of their 200-hour training. Here's what you'll get: 1. Asana Archive: Like a meticulously organized wardrobe, categorize yoga poses for easy retrieval. Say goodbye to hunting for your favorite yoga leggings; now find your poses with equal ease. 2. Peak Pose Demystified: Understand the essence of a peak pose and discover endless inspiration sources. 3. Vinyasa Krama: Decipher the anatomy of a peak pose, transitioning seamlessly from simple to complex. Equip yourself with options tailored to every level and body type. 4. 7 Steps to Heaven: Lay the groundwork with these seven preparatory steps, ensuring each lesson is uniquely crafted and intelligently structured, progressing from simplicity to sophistication. 5. Sizzling Sequence: Craft sequences that entice and allure, strategically placing poses to flow seamlessly from one to the next. 6. Practice Planner: A meticulously designed template to guide your lesson planning effortlessly, ensuring you have a reliable roadmap for every class. Ideal for inquisitive Vinyasa yoga teachers yearning for more depth post their 200-hour training, this program is tailored for eternal students eager to invest in their continuous growth. Elevate your teaching, captivate your students, and embark on a journey of transformation with our immersive training. Unlock the potential within you and revolutionize your yoga practice. Join us and become the architect of unforgettable yoga experiences.



25-26-27-28 JULY | 25h (YA) | €600,00

This summer, we are thrilled to welcome Patrick Beach to our studio in the city center of Antwerp. Patrick will be joining us July 25-28, 2024 for his 4 days immersion "Read your asana". Anticipating a large turnout, this immersion will take place at AMUZ in Kammestraat. The St. Augustine's Church will provide the perfect setting for four inspiring days. Reserving your spot is now possible. Once the ticket sale begins, you will have the first access to secure your spot definitively.

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4-5-6-7-8 SEPTEMBER | 50h (YA) | €750,00

MyoYin is a fusion of Myofascial Release and Yin Yoga, aiming to cultivate a profound sense of relaxation that can deeply influence the physical, mental, and emotional body when practiced attentively. Myofascial release is a self-massage technique designed to release tension in the myofascial tissues (connective tissue in the muscles) of the body. Through gentle pressure on the connective tissue, this technique aims to soften muscle knots, enhance mobility, promote blood and fluid circulation, stimulate energy flow, and calm the nervous system. This module will be lead by Esther Schreen, our international guest teacher. When? 4-8 september (12:00-18:00, 10:15-18:15, 12:00-20:00, 12:00-20:00, 12:00-20:00) This training will be in dutch. Teacher(s)? Esther Schreen



14-15-20-21-22 SEPTEMBER | 50h (YA) | EB: €679,00 R: €799,00

Embodying the Power of Nature. In this immersion, you will deepen your understanding of the 5 elements and learn how to integrate them into your yoga classes and daily life. You will explore five Solar (activating) Elemental Prana Vinyasa sequences, a unique and creative approach to building classes. The structure of the class feels like meditation in motion through the Namaskars (sun salutations specific to each element), and the vinyasas bring strength, fluidity, and creativity in sync with the breath. With this style of yoga, you guide practitioners out of their minds and into their bodies, empowering them to decide what feels right for them in the physical experience of Yoga. What to Expect? Elemental Prana Vinyasa is an experience, a dance, a deep sensation—something that we, as Western yoga practitioners, often lose touch with, especially when observing our students in class. This style of yoga takes them out of their heads and into their bodies, giving them the strength to decide what feels right for them in the physical experience of Yoga. The Five Elements and Qualities Principles of Elemental Vinyasa. Energetic Alignment. Deepening Your Teaching Tools. What You Receive: 5 days filled with experience and sensation Each day begins with a delightful Prana Vinyasa flow. Theory and practice in an enjoyable blend.



18-19-20 OCTOBER | 25h (YA) | EB: €349 R: €425

Denies Du Mon, an osteopath and yoga teacher, offers an advanced anatomy course that delves into the intricacies of the human body. This specialized program goes beyond basic anatomy, providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of advanced anatomical concepts. Through Denies Du Mon's expertise, students gain insights into the interplay between osteopathy and yoga, fostering a holistic approach to wellness. The course is designed to enhance participants' knowledge and skills in anatomy, making it valuable for those seeking a deeper understanding of the human body within the context of yoga. Schedule: Friday: 13.00 - 20.00 Saturday: 12.30 - 20.00 Sunday: 11.30 - 18.00



9-10-11 NOVEMBER | 25h (YA) | EB: €349 R: €425

Therapist Laurenz Verkruysse, also a seasoned yoga teacher, presents a transformative course titled "Yoga & Psychology." This program is a unique exploration into the intersection of yoga principles and psychological well-being. Participants engage in a comprehensive study that highlights the intricate connections between the mind and body. Laurenz, drawing on both his therapeutic expertise and yoga teaching experience, guides individuals through the integration of these practices for enhanced mental and physical wellness. The course is tailored to empower participants, whether yoga enthusiasts or mental health professionals, with valuable tools to harmonize yoga and psychology, fostering a holistic approach to personal growth and healing.



22-23-24-30 NOV & 1 DEC | 50h (YA) | EB: €679 R: €799

Lunar Prana Vinyasa bridges the gap between a dynamic Vinyasa class and the serenity of a Yin practice, developed by Shiva Rea as a natural evolution in the Vinyasa world. It serves as a meditative, restorative practice, acting as the perfect antidote to our hectic lives. Ideal for enthusiasts of flow classes, Lunar Prana Vinyasa introduces a gentler approach. This immersion helps you embody and transmit the lunar aspect of the flow, making Lunar Prana Vinyasa a meditation in motion. You will learn to intelligently structure a class through meditative salutations, mudrasanas (asana as mudra), allowing ample time for relaxation and sinking deep into tranquility.

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31 OCT & 1-2-3 NOV | EB €495 R: €550

We're thrilled to welcome international yoga teacher Simon Park to our studio for the "Precision in Flow: Advanced Vinyasa Sequencing, Alignment, and Assisting" 30-hour intensive. Join us from October 31 to November 3, 2024 for an immersive experience with this globally renowned instructor. Refine your teaching skills, elevate your practice, and embark on a transformative journey where precision meets flow. This comprehensive program focuses on: - Precise Alignment Instruction: Explore the importance of alignment in foundational to advanced poses, achieving precision within the flow. - Anatomical and Biomechanical Understanding: Integrate knowledge to deepen understanding of body dynamics in yoga postures and functional movement. - Progressive, Creative, and Functional Sequencing: Emphasize balanced sequencing for stability, power, mobility, and growth in advanced Vinyasa. - Reading and Assessing Bodies: Understand body responses to poses, emphasizing the connection between physical alignment and energetic actions. - Verbalizing Intelligent Cues: Tailor verbal instructions intelligently to each practitioner's unique needs. - Hands-On Assists: Refine hands-on assists to be informative, supportive, sensitive, and empowering within the context of precision. - Therapeutic Approach to Injuries: Address common injuries with a commitment to creating a safe and healing space. - Healing Arts Principles: Apply healing arts principles to body assessment and touch, enhancing the therapeutic aspect of teaching. - Pranayama Exploration: Use pranayama as a gateway to the subtle body, introducing breath and energy nuances. - Meditation and Positive Mental Imagery: Explore mental and emotional aspects of yoga for higher states of consciousness. - Partner Yoga: Foster connection, cooperation, and compassion through Partner Yoga. Bio: Simon Park, a globally recognized teacher with 25 years of experience, invites you to elevate your teaching and personal practice. His signature style, 'Liquid Flow Yoga,' seamlessly blends classical and modern elements. Join us for a transformative experience where precision meets flow. Pricing: - €495,00 early bird (until march 31) - € 550,00 regular




24 - 25 & 26 JAN | 25h (YA) | EB: €349 R: €425

Discover the art of Creative Sequencing in a unique immersion led by the esteemed yoga teacher Kim De Becker. During the Creative Sequencing immersion, delve deeper into the world of yoga as Kim, drawing from her dance roots, shares extensive experience and profound knowledge. Learn the skill of thoughtfully constructing yoga sessions, seamlessly transitioning from one movement to the next, all influenced by the fluidity and grace inherent in dance. Kim's approach is not only rooted in technique but also in creativity and intuition, with her dance-inspired insights adding a unique dimension to the training. Discover how to imprint your own distinctive style on your yoga classes. Whether you're an experienced yoga teacher looking to refine your skills or an enthusiastic yoga practitioner seeking to deepen your knowledge, the Creative Sequencing immersion with Kim De Becker, infused with her dance-inspired perspective, is an inspiring journey that will elevate your yoga experience to new heights.



8-9-21-22-23 FEB | 50h (YA) | EB: €679 R: €799

The Chakra Vinyasa immersion offers a practical, down-to-earth, and inspiring exploration of the Chakra system in the physical and energetic body. Often, there is still a hint of mystery surrounding the chakras, or it may sound unreal and ethereal. However, our aim is to provide clear explanations and structure so that you can effectively convey this information to your students. "What about Prana?" Prana Vinyasa® is a yoga style developed by Shiva Rea. It involves a creative and dynamic form of yoga where you consciously and smoothly move from one posture to another, synchronized with your breath. This enhances the flow of energy in your body – that's prana – making it even more effective. "What to expect?" You can anticipate nourishment and inspiration for your personal practice, along with practical tools to integrate your knowledge of the chakras into your lessons. "Prana Vinyasa Yoga Alchemy:" This entails a unique form of wave sequencing, intelligently structuring your yoga class with sufficient options to make it accessible for all levels. "Learn 4 Mandala Namaskars:" These are sun salutations in a circle (from Muladhara to Anahata) and 4 sequences adaptable for all levels. "Learn the history and meaning of the Chakra system:" This includes Chakra Meditation, mudra, and mantra. "Teaching labs:" These are designed to help you better understand and integrate the knowledge you acquire. "You will receive 1 year access to 4 Chakra Vinyasa lessons online, perfect for practicing at home."



21-23 MARCH | 25h (YA) | EB: €349 R: €425

More info coming soon.



25-27 APRIL | 25h (YA) | EB: €349 R: €425

More info coming soon.

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16-18 MAY | 25h (YA) | EB: €349 R: €425

More info coming soon.

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