Denies Du Mon

Founder, Yoga Teacher, Osteopath, Linguist

Denies has always been enchanted by movement, as evident from her physical background: former gymnast turned yogi and rock climber.

Denies started the first part of her studying career in languages and linguistics (English and German, UA). She pursued an academic career in English language change, until she decided two years into her PhD that enough was enough and that it was time to pursue her other passion: yoga & body movement. She completed several teacher trainings over the years in Vinyasa, Prana flow and Ashtanga Yoga, next to a number of immersions and workshops. In 2015, she started the second part of her academic studying career as a student of osteopathic medicine at the International Academy of Osteopathy in Ghent, BE.

After years of study, and co-organising and co-teaching numerous vinyasa teacher trainings and workshops, she has now decided to start on her own, offering yoga classes, workshops and biomechanics lectures next to her very own Creative Vinyasa Teacher Training.

Her classes are known to be fun, innovative, creative and safe. It is always her goal to make yoga accessible to all, whilst still shifting boundaries in an aware way. Together with her husband, she organises yoga weekend retreats that boast scrumptious vegetarian and vegan food, yoga and stunning views.


Nathan Schulpen

Founder, Admin Hero, Coffee Enthusiast

Nathan is a total movement addict. There is no mountain too high for him to climb, no trail too long for him to run and no space too small for him to practice yoga. 

Together with his wife, Denies, he is the founder of Atelier Du Mon. You will see him around, most likely either in a yoga class or sipping a delicious coffee, and managing the allround workings of ADM. 


Charlotte Bulteel

Multipotentialite: Yoga Teacher, Dentist, Nutritionist, Massage Therapist

Charlotte is a true multipotentialite. Her eagerness for learning and her unsaturated thirst to understand the human body and mind has led her to study both Western and Eastern approaches to health. She teaches Vinyasa and Yin Yoga, offers a wide range of massages (pregnancy, deep tissue, relaxation, shiatsu and reiki) and is trained in nutritional studies. Charlotte teaches the energetic anatomy in the ADM TT. 


Ellen Barber

Yoga Teacher, Rock Climber, Translator

Ellen is a rock climber/yogi from Scotland who somehow ended up in this wonderful city called Antwerp. Yoga has always played some sort of role in her life. She started by going to a yoga class at the age of seven with her dad. To be honest, at the time, she thought my dad had lost it and become a total hippie. But then, she just kept doing it. Something about it drew her in. It brings her the balance that she needs in life. So throughout the good and bad, yoga has been there. The classes that Ellen really loves teaching are spicy, creative vinyasa classes. But since most of her life is high-energy and adrenaline filled, she also appreciates the need for yin. It brings her great joy to teach slower yin classes to balance out that rush.  Ellen can’t wait to see you in class and help you along your yoga journey!


Kim De Becker

Yoga Teacher, Optimist, PR Hero

Getting on her first moves in baby ballet class, Kim discovered her passion and fascination for body movement early on. Many years and dance injuries later, she found answers and relief in yoga, both physically and mentally.


Spare time is well spent meditating underwater with the fish, or organizing charity events for Shangrila Home, an orphanage in Nepal.


You can catch her in a juicy vinyasa flow or a deep yin stretch, but you will find her most inspired in a prenatal yoga class surrounded by glowing momma’s to be.

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Boris "Bobo" Ceurvels

Bar manager & barista

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