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25-27 OCT | EB: €389,99 R: €419,99

This 20h training is designed for teachers, mothers, fathers, therapists,... Who wish to expand their knowledge and skills in teaching kids and family yoga. This course covers the basics of teaching yoga to children, including child-friendly yoga poses, breathwork, mindfulness techniques, and creative yoga games. Through this training, you will gain the confidence to create fun, creative & engaging classes for kids and families, fostering a love for yoga and mindfulness at an early age.

In this teacher training Laurenz will take you on an amazing journey through the wonderful world of kids & family yoga. After this foundations training you will be able to offer your own quality yoga classes for children, adolescents and their families or integrate yoga into your home context, therapy sessions, classroom,...


The teacher

This teacher training will be carried by resident teacher Laurenz Verkruysse. His very first yoga training was a children's yoga training and this is also where his yoga path started. Meanwhile Laurenz has built up several years of experience in guiding children and their families through the wonderful world of children's yoga. From coaching yoga camps to family yoga sessions in yoga studios. Time to start sharing that knowledge! Expect a bomb of enthusiasm and energy. Besides being a yoga teacher, Laurenz is also a psychological counselor and has worked with children and their families for a long time. He integrated yoga into his therapeutic work and noticed miraculous results. Finally people could enjoy being together again and there was room for fun and play again. Parents were given tools to creatively calm their children and enjoyed quality time together again.



Friday (25/10) 17:00-20:00.

Saturday (26/10) 12:00-18:00.

Sunday (27/10) 12:00-18:00.



- 16 contact hours in NL or ENG.

- Online return moment (2h).

- Reading list for preparation.

- Manual.

- Possibility of an internship.

- Optional vegetarian lunch can be provided upon request for an additional cost.

- Optional stay within walking distance of the studio at an air bnb we partner with for an additional cost.


Prerequisites for participation

- A basic knowledge of yoga is a minimum requirement.

- The desire to immerse yourself in the world of yoga.

- Motivation to take yoga classes yourself.

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