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At Atelier Du Mon, we organize events and workshops focused on self-care and personal growth.



21 JUNE | 17.00 - 21.00 | € FREE

To celebrate the international yoga day we invite you to come and experience free introductory sessions led by top teachers bringing something fresh and exciting. PROGRAM: 17.15 - 18.00 | intro into Dharma yoga by Sepp Breesch 18.15 - 19.00 | Animal movement flow by Laurenz Verkruysse 19.15 - 20.00 | Sensual embodiment by Kim De Becker 20.00 - 21.00 | Kirtan circle by Luc Acke All sessions are free but registration is needed.

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30 JUNE | 14.00 - 16.00 | €25,00

Welcome to our High Heels Dance Workshop, where we break the norms and shatter the mirrors. It's not about how it looks; it's all about how it feels. Dive inward as we connect through movement and dance, leaving judgments at the door. It's all about fun, freedom, and self-expression! At our workshop, high heels are a bonus, not a requirement. Everyone is welcome, regardless of gender, age, or dance level. We create a safe, inclusive space where you can let loose, explore your inner rhythms, and connect with others who share the same passion for dance. Highlights of our workshop: No Mirrors, No Judgment: We encourage you to dance without self-critique, focusing on the joy of movement. Dive Deep: Explore your inner self through dance, discovering new connections within. All About Fun: Our workshops are about embracing the pure joy of dancing. High Heels, Your Choice: While heels add flair, they're not obligatory. Wear what makes you comfortable! Join us for a high-energy, body-positive, and judgment-free dance experience, organized by the High Heels Antwerp Girls. Let's celebrate the beauty of movement, the power of connection, and the magic of dance. Come as you are, and let's dance our hearts out together! See you on the dance floor!



7 JULY | 19.00 - 21.00 | €39.99

Join Luc Acke, a renowned mantra singer, recording artist, and yoga instructor from Antwerp, Belgium, for a unique two-hour event that blends restorative yoga with soothing soundscapes. Luc, who began his yoga journey in 1997, is a highly experienced and Yoga Alliance registered instructor (RYT 500, E-RYT 200, & YACEP). This event offers an immersive experience where Luc utilizes his extensive knowledge of restorative yoga and sound, gained through years of practice and teaching. As a former instructor of many ADM teachers, Luc's expertise is well-regarded. Participants will have the opportunity to experience the profound relaxation and healing potential of restorative yoga, enhanced by the harmonious vibrations of sound led by Luc. Don't miss this chance to benefit from Luc Acke's decades of experience and deep understanding of the therapeutic power of yoga and sound.



25-26-27-28 JULY | 

This summer, we are thrilled to welcome Patrick Beach to our studio in the city center of Antwerp. Patrick will be joining us July 25-28, 2024 for his 4 days immersion "Read your asana". Anticipating a large turnout, this immersion will take place at AMUZ in Kammestraat. The St. Augustine's Church will provide the perfect setting for four inspiring days. Reserving your spot is now possible. Once the ticket sale begins, you will have the first access to secure your spot definitively.




16 AND/OR 30 AUGUST | 18.00 - 21.15 | €75.00 / €140.00

Have you ever wondered, "Is this how this pose should feel? Am I doing it 'correctly'? Am I too deep into this pose? My knee hurts, what now?" During the "Find Your Yin" immersion, under Laurenz's guidance, you'll explore and discover your ideal yin poses. Together, you'll search and learn. What to Expect - In-Depth Guidance: Laurenz will connect you with the poses, explaining where you should feel them and what’s important when practicing yin poses. - Personal Discovery: Find your ideal yin pose with handy tips and tricks. Learn how to support your body with props to fully relax and rest your unique body. - Yin Masterclass: End the immersion with a delightful yin masterclass where you can apply what you've learned. Dates and Times This immersion is spread over two Friday evenings, each lasting a little over three hours. You can attend them separately, but they complement each other perfectly. - 16 August (18.00 - 21.15): Shoelace, Saddle & Caterpillar - 30 August (18.00 - 21.15): Dragonfly, Twist, Dog & Dragon Who Can Join? This immersion is accessible to everyone. Whether you are new to yin yoga or an experienced practitioner, there's something for everyone. Why Join? - Learn how to prevent and relieve pain during yin poses. - Develop a deeper understanding of your own body and how to adapt yin yoga to your needs. - Experience the calming and restorative effects of yin yoga under expert guidance. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your yin yoga practice. Sign up and find your perfect yin poses with Laurenz!

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4 - 8 SEPT 

5-Day Yin Yoga Training - Myofascial Release, Myoyin & Yin Yoga (50h YA). Yin Yoga Training (50h YA) combined with Myofascial Release (MFR) provides an in-depth exploration of utilizing MFR techniques in conjunction with Yin Yoga asanas, known as MyoYin. The training also covers the latest advancements in fascia research. WHAT IS MYOYIN? MyoYin is a fusion of Myofascial Release and Yin Yoga, aiming to cultivate a profound sense of relaxation that can deeply influence the physical, mental, and emotional body when practiced attentively. Myofascial release is a self-massage technique designed to release tension in the myofascial tissues (connective tissue in the muscles) of the body. Through gentle pressure on the connective tissue, this technique aims to soften muscle knots, enhance mobility, promote blood and fluid circulation, stimulate energy flow, and calm the nervous system. In this Yin Yoga training, we combine the use of therapy balls with Yin Yoga asanas to balance the flow of fluids and vital energy (Qi/prana) and release tensions. You will learn how to effectively soften physical and energetic blockages in the fascial system of the body during this Yin Yoga teacher training. Topics for this Yin Yoga training include: •Yin Yoga & Myofascial release theory •Yin Yoga & Myofascial release practice •Yin Yoga & MFR tools •Myoyin (combination of Yin Yoga & MFR) •Myoyin sequencing •Trigger points •Ball therapy techniques & methods •Yoga and Fascia •Fascia anatomy & physiology •Demonstrations and practice of myofascial techniques for the entire body, feet, legs, back, shoulders, arms, neck, and face. •Bodysensing and mindful movement •Fascia bouncing sequence This inspiring course will give you a thorough understanding of the value of integrating Myofascial Release techniques into your Yin Yoga practice. Throughout this engaging training, we explore various techniques to influence and maintain the health of the fascia. Language: This training will be taught in English (we can also communicate in Dutch) Location: This training will take place at Atelier Du Mon in Antwerpen (Happaertstraat 26, 2000 Antwerpen) Time: 4-8 september (wed: 12:00-18:00, Thu: 10:15-18:15, Fri: 12:00-20:00, Sat: 12:00-20:00, Sun: 12:00-20:00) The days consist of a pleasant balance between theory sessions and interactive practical sessions, group exercises, and each day includes a Yin Yoga class integrating the topics of that day. Price: €750 (including 21% VAT) The costs for this Yin Yoga training includes all classes, a guasha tool, an inflatable fascia ball, two small fascia balls, and a comprehensive manual in English (200+ pages). If you prefer a Dutch manual please let us know and we'll arrange it. For whom? (Yin) Yoga teachers or very enthusiastic practitioners who want to learn to apply these techniques for themselves. You should have experience practicing Yin Yoga. If you are unsure whether you can participate in this training, contact Esther via Certificate: Upon completion of the module, you will receive a 50-hour CE Yoga Alliance certificate. Full attendance, reading the homework articles, and active participation are required to receive the certificate.



25-26-27 OCT | EB: €389,99 R: €419,99

This 20h training is designed for teachers, mothers, fathers, therapists,... Who wish to expand their knowledge and skills in teaching kids and family yoga. This course covers the basics of teaching yoga to children, including child-friendly yoga poses, breathwork, mindfulness techniques, and creative yoga games. Through this training, you will gain the confidence to create fun, creative & engaging classes for kids and families, fostering a love for yoga and mindfulness at an early age. In this teacher training Laurenz will take you on an amazing journey through the wonderful world of kids & family yoga. After this foundations training you will be able to offer your own quality yoga classes for children, adolescents and their families or integrate yoga into your home context, therapy sessions, classroom,... The teacher: This teacher training will be carried by resident teacher Laurenz Verkruysse. His very first yoga training was a children's yoga training and this is also where his yoga path started. Meanwhile Laurenz has built up several years of experience in guiding children and their families through the wonderful world of children's yoga. From coaching yoga camps to family yoga sessions in yoga studios. Time to start sharing that knowledge! Expect a bomb of enthusiasm and energy. Besides being a yoga teacher, Laurenz is also a psychological counselor and has worked with children and their families for a long time. He integrated yoga into his therapeutic work and noticed miraculous results. Finally people could enjoy being together again and there was room for fun and play again. Parents were given tools to creatively calm their children and enjoyed quality time together again. Planning: Friday (25/10) 16:00-20:00. Saturday (26/10) 12:00-18:00. Sunday (27/10) 11:30-17:00. Included: - 16 contact hours in NL or ENG. - Online return moment (2h). - Reading list for preparation. - Manual. - Possibility of an internship. - Optional vegetarian lunch can be provided upon request for an additional cost. - Optional stay within walking distance of the studio at an air bnb we partner with for an additional cost. Prerequisites for participation: - A basic knowledge of yoga is a minimum requirement. - The desire to immerse yourself in the world of yoga. - Motivation to take yoga classes yourself.

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31 OCT & 1-2-3 NOV | EB €495 R: €550

We're thrilled to welcome international yoga teacher Simon Park to our studio for the "Precision in Flow: Advanced Vinyasa Sequencing, Alignment, and Assisting" 30-hour intensive. Join us from October 31 to November 3, 2024 for an immersive experience with this globally renowned instructor. Refine your teaching skills, elevate your practice, and embark on a transformative journey where precision meets flow. This comprehensive program focuses on: - Precise Alignment Instruction: Explore the importance of alignment in foundational to advanced poses, achieving precision within the flow. - Anatomical and Biomechanical Understanding: Integrate knowledge to deepen understanding of body dynamics in yoga postures and functional movement. - Progressive, Creative, and Functional Sequencing: Emphasize balanced sequencing for stability, power, mobility, and growth in advanced Vinyasa. - Reading and Assessing Bodies: Understand body responses to poses, emphasizing the connection between physical alignment and energetic actions. - Verbalizing Intelligent Cues: Tailor verbal instructions intelligently to each practitioner's unique needs. - Hands-On Assists: Refine hands-on assists to be informative, supportive, sensitive, and empowering within the context of precision. - Therapeutic Approach to Injuries: Address common injuries with a commitment to creating a safe and healing space. - Healing Arts Principles: Apply healing arts principles to body assessment and touch, enhancing the therapeutic aspect of teaching. - Pranayama Exploration: Use pranayama as a gateway to the subtle body, introducing breath and energy nuances. - Meditation and Positive Mental Imagery: Explore mental and emotional aspects of yoga for higher states of consciousness. - Partner Yoga: Foster connection, cooperation, and compassion through Partner Yoga. Bio: Simon Park, a globally recognized teacher with 25 years of experience, invites you to elevate your teaching and personal practice. His signature style, 'Liquid Flow Yoga,' seamlessly blends classical and modern elements. Join us for a transformative experience where precision meets flow. Pricing: - €495,00 early bird (until march 31) - € 550,00 regular

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