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4 - 8 september '24

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MyoYin is a fusion of Myofascial Release and Yin Yoga, aiming to cultivate a profound sense of relaxation that can deeply influence the physical, mental, and emotional body when practiced attentively.

Myofascial release is a self-massage technique designed to release tension in the myofascial tissues (connective tissue in the muscles) of the body. Through gentle pressure on the connective tissue, this technique aims to soften muscle knots, enhance mobility, promote blood and fluid circulation, stimulate energy flow, and calm the nervous system.

What to expect?

This 5-day Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Myofascial Release (MFR) provides an in-depth exploration of utilizing MFR techniques in conjunction with Yin Yoga asanas, known as MyoYin. The training also covers the latest advancements in fascia research. This course is the level 3 of our ADM yin yoga teacher training.


Esther Scheen, with over 15 years of experience, combines Western and Eastern knowledge of body and mind in her yoga teachings. Esther primarily studied under Paul Grilley, the founder of Yin Yoga, and Jo Phee.


Specializing in Yin Yoga, she has trained with renowned teachers and is a registered 500-ERYT with the Yoga Alliance. Esther is the lead teacher of the 200-hour Yoga Alliance Pure Energy Yin Yoga training and continues to deepen her knowledge through ongoing education and her personal yoga practice.



  • 4 - 8 september 2024

  • This module is yoga alliance certified (50h).

  • This training is the 3th level of the ADM Yin yoga teacher training.

  • Build up to 300 hours by keeping track of all your certificates.

  • Location: Atelier Du Mon, Happaertstraat 26, 2000 Antwerp.


€ 750,00

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