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Atelier Du Mon is the name for Denies Du Mon, yoga teacher & osteopath, and her husband, Nathan Schulpen, admin hero and vegetarian/vegan cook. They are based in Antwerp, Belgium. Atelier Du Mon offers different styles of yoga, such as vinyasa yoga, meditation & yin yoga. Next to that, they organize innovative workshops, yoga teacher courses and mindfulness. Lastly, Atelier Du Mon also houses a café with vegan options, osteopathic treatment sessions, lifestyle coaching, and a plethora of massages.

The whole team at Atelier Du Mon aims to be holistic and believes that the body-mind complex is more than just a sum of its parts. We wish to hold space for the whole human experience, which is exactly why our Atelier could not just be a Yoga-studio, just a café or even just a therapy-facility. It needed to be all of it.

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Atelier Du Mon

Happaertstraat 26

2000 Antwerpen


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