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A manual paradigm for finding & treating movement dysfunction.


An osteopathic session entails a getting to know you, your physical history and your body. Through manual techniques, your body will be examined and treated. The main aim in osteopathy is solving what we call 'dysfunction', a movement loss in the body.


The treatment principles rely on a holistic view of the body, where the body is more than just the sum of its parts. As such, the entire body will always be examined. Those structures that may affect your complaint will be treated.

Osteopathic treatment is useful for the following complaints:

- Injury prevention for athletes

- head aches

- digestive problems

- joint pains: shoulder, hip, knee, back, ...

- arthritic conditions

- neck pain

- maintenance of herniated discs

- chronic headaches

- stress complaints

- tinnitus

- perinatal care

- ...

Osteopathic treatment is for everyone: babies, children, adults, pregnant women, people suffering from physical conditions etc. A treatment is always adjusted to the individual.


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