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31 october - 3 november '24

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We're thrilled to welcome international yoga teacher Simon Park to our studio for the "Precision in Flow: Advanced Vinyasa Sequencing, Alignment, and Assisting" 30-hour intensive. Join us from October 31 to November 3, 2024, at Atelier Du Mon for an immersive experience with a globally renowned instructor. Refine your skills, elevate your practice, and embark on a transformative journey where precision meets flow.

Who can participate?

  • Yogis who enjoy learning.

  • Yoga teachers with a strong desire for new knowledge.

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This program delves into:

  1. Alignment Mastery: Explore alignment from foundational to advanced poses, achieving precision in the flow.

  2. Anatomy and Biomechanics: Deepen knowledge of body dynamics in yoga, emphasizing functional movement.

  3. Sequencing Expertise: Emphasize balanced sequencing for stability, power, mobility, and growth in advanced Vinyasa.

  4. Body Awareness: Understand body responses, connecting physical alignment with energetic actions.

  5. Customized Verbal Cues: Tailor instructions intelligently to each practitioner's unique needs.

  6. Refined Hands-On Assists: Make assists informative, supportive, sensitive, and empowering within the context of precision.

  7. Therapeutic Approach: Address injuries, creating a safe and healing space for practitioners.

  8. Healing Arts Integration: Apply principles to body assessment and touch, enhancing the therapeutic aspect.

  9. Pranayama Mastery: Use pranayama as a gateway to the subtle body, introducing breath and energy nuances.

  10. Mindful Meditation: Explore the mental and emotional aspects of yoga for higher states of consciousness.

  11. Partner Yoga Connection: Foster cooperation and compassion through Partner Yoga.

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  • 31 october - 3 november 2024 

  • You receive a certificate of participation.

  • Build up to 300 hours by keeping track of all your certificates.

  • Location: Atelier Du Mon, Happaertstraat 26, 2000 Antwerp.


  • early bird (before 31/06): €495.00 | full price: 550,00

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